Our Other Thanksgiving Celebration

Here is a photo of our more traditional Thanksgiving celebration on the actual day of Thanksgiving (Our orange grove celebration is always on the Friday after TG). We were invited to join Liz’s husband Ron’s family (the Bettys) at their lovely home for wonderful food and camaraderie. In this photo below are Ron’s parents, Ron’s uncle and cousin, one close family friend, Liz, Ron, and Ray. I am taking the photo.

Cindy, Ron’s mom, made all the food on the table and it was all a little too delicious. I’m afraid we all might have overindulged a bit too much as a result, but it was, after all, Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Cindy and Rick Betty, for inviting us over. We had a lovely time and enjoyed sharing this holiday with you and the many friends not pictured here since this photo was limited mostly to family.

Rick and I even watched the Cowboy game against the LV Raiders and I enjoyed it very much. No problem that I hadn’t watched a football game in at least twenty years. It apparently is very much like riding a bicycle!

I am grateful to have such loving inlaws for our daughter Liz. We get the benefit of their kindness and generosity too. That is a definite plus.

This was just one more reminder of how love begets love. We are very happy to have Ron Betty and his parents in our extended family. That is a gift all in itself.

Rick, his brother, his niece, a family friend, Ray, Cindy, Ron, and Liz

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