Master Chorale Tonight at Disney Hall

We went tonight with our friend and priest Ian Elliott Davies to hear the Master Chorale perform Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil. It is 75 minutes long without an intermission.

Everyone had to show their vaccination card and their photo ID. We all had to wear masks as well the entire time we were in Disney. Just to be back in the performance hall was a thrill. This has been one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles for a very long time. But to hear the Master Chorale – 80 voices – sing these fifteen pieces of exquisite music was sublime. Perhaps it’s the time away or maybe it was the religious theme that seemed so meaningful or it could have been the extreme virtuosity of Grant Gershon, the conductor, and all of the singers, but whatever it was, I found myself filled with happiness the entire hour and fifteen minutes I was listening. I felt grateful that we were able after 20 months to finally have the option to attend a live music performance.

I couldn’t find the Master Chorale singing this, but here is a taste of what we heard tonight. This recording is about six minutes long and is entitled, Bless the Lord, O My Soul. Even hearing just 30 seconds should give you a bit of the depth, breadth, and magic of this music. I included a photo as well.

What a lovely evening! Life felt almost back to normal.

Life without music would be dull indeed.

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