A Glimpse into Our eBay Store

It’s 9 pm and the grandfather clock is tolling out the hour.

I’ve been busy all day so this is going to be a short entry tonight.

If you’d like a small window into the life that Ray and I have as antique dealers, then simply type in Beaty-Leatherwood Estates into Google and you can go see our eBay store. Our daughter Rachael is a vital part of our business and handles all the photography and all the initial listings for our merchandise. I am the researcher and Ray is the overall expert. We are a pretty good little crew.

Today, a man wrote that he thought ours was “easily the coolest eBay store I’ve come across.”

Ray, Rachael, and I were very pleased to get that positive feedback.

We work hard to make our “store” pretty cool!

Happy evening, folks.

Talk again tomorrow.

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  1. Marion J Hunt says:

    I agree with the gentleman who said it’s a cool site. I went through every page.
    Beautiful work. Too bad I am being told to downsize. But there is always room for a few little gems.

    1. Glad you liked it, Marion. Thanks for looking! Hugs, Len

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