Soccer Saturday

Here are a few photos of soccer Saturday. Gregorio was on the final day of his archeological dig so Grandpa and Grandma came in to help transport kids to two different games.

Nico’s was first. I stayed with him, Sarah, and Lyla while Grandpa hustled Luna to her game. Nico was later upset that Grandpa and Luna rode to the game with the top down on the Mustang so Grandpa took him and Luna on a bit of a joy ride on the way home.

You might note in the photos that Nico is almost a head taller than his teammates. Believe it or not, he is only five.

We made it over to watch the last half of Luna’s game. She did very well and is trying out for the All-Star team tomorrow.

Given I just received my Moderna booster late yesterday afternoon, I did pretty well. But after lunch back at their house, I will admit I got really tired and fell asleep. Heading upstairs now for an early night.

A lovely day to spend with these adorable humans.

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