Sick Grandkids on the Day Before Halloween

There is some serious debate as to whether or not the planned family Halloween party will be taking place over at Sarah and Gregorio’s house tomorrow afternoon and evening. Turns out that all three kids are sick with fever and sore throats, and now Sarah wrote that she is starting to notice how her throat feels with every swallow. She suggested that we might need to reschedule the party for next Saturday. But she also reported that Luna just remembered that tomorrow is the real day for Halloween and Sarah’s a bit worried that she’s going to have three kids (well, two, since Lyla’s just two and a half years old) who are deeply disappointed with a canceled All Hallow’s Eve.

We initially said we could drive over, wear our masks, and sit outside on the patio with everyone. But that was before we heard about the fevers and a potential mama who might also be sick. On the other hand, kids have a way of bouncing back fairly readily when sick, so I guess we’ll keep all options open just in case. Otherwise, Ray and I will simply hang out here at our home for the day and tweak our costumes (we’re supposed to go as film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert since the theme for the party was /is Nightmare Before Christmas.) I guess I can openly admit here that I have no idea if I’m Siskel or Ebert and what I’m supposed to wear as one, the other, or both.

Plus, son-in-law Gregorio has been working at a long-distance archeological job and has been leaving early in the morning and returning late in the evening. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and those little Pacheco Beaty kids are not used to Daddy not being right there for hugs and cuddles on a daily basis. So, this little family might need some simple alone time to get better and just be together.

Below I’m including a photo of Nico that Sarah sent about an hour ago. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that this usually rambunctious five-year-old is a bit under the weather. Poor little fella.

Apparently, the only one of the kids who is actually dressing up based on the Nightmare Before Christmas theme will be Luna. Sarah wrote yesterday that “the Littles” are rebelling with Lyla insisting on dressing up as one of the characters on Paw Patrol and Nico planning on wearing his Spiderman costume. I might end up going (next week) in overalls and letting my girls dress me up again as Mario from the Super Mario Brothers. This was one of my more successful (and easiest) costumes over the past several years.

I’m sure we’ll have fun whenever we finally get together. Until then, I am sending a heartfelt “Take it easy” over to the Pacheco Beaty household. Halloween can be whenever we decide. For now, just relax and get well.

A sick little Nico

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