A Busy Time With College Essays

I have just worked on Zoom with seven students in a row from 2:30 – 9:45. These are high school kids applying to college or college kids applying to graduate school. We are working on their admission essays. I am tired, as you might well imagine, but also happy. They are all such great kids, so full of hope and dreams. As we say in Texas, they do my heart good. I don’t usually see that many back-to-back, but deadline time is coming for those who are applying early decision and early action and also for those who don’t want to wait to the last minute for the November 30th deadline for the UCs. Hence, my very full and productive day.

Tomorrow, I’m busy as well, but on Thursday in the late afternoon I get to celebrate my hard work by driving to South Pasadena to visit with daughter Sarah and her family. It has already been almost two weeks since I saw them last and that feels like a long time to me. I’m happy to have that visit to look forward to since I’ll get to spend time with Sarah, Gregorio, Luna, Nico and Lyla. Hooray!

Fall is in the air, with its cooler temperatures and changing leaves. Even here in Southern CA, it’s turning into sweater weather. This is one of my favorite times of year as we move out of the warm summer days and into the brisk air of autumn. I love the seasons even if they are muted here. I also am looking forward to Halloween, which we’ll celebrate with our grandkids.

But now I’m going to head upstairs with my trusty doggie companions and get settled in for the night. I enjoy every night having a warm bath before bed and then a good snuggle with the dogs (and my husband) before drifting off to sleep.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.

Wishing you a good night and sweet dreams.

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