Not Quite Well Yet

I am back on the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Apparently, the bug in my gut is not completely done with me. I only thought I was well.

This morning after a breakfast of corn flakes, raisins and almond milk, I started feeling a pain where I have decided my esophagus connects with my stomach. This is the same pain I felt that very first night of my food poisoning or norovirus or whatever this thing I have is called. At that time, my midsection felt sore and tender after multiple bouts of projectile vomiting. This morning, I didn’t have any vomiting. I just felt nauseated, tenderness in my midsection, and fatigued.

Consequently, I have concluded that I had clearly jumped the gun by introducing regular food again into this digestive system that has been through so much.

Today, I’ve eaten saltines (a variation of toast in my mind, at least), a bowl of rice and a half of a banana.

That seems like plenty.

Tomorrow, I’ll do the same and see if everything gets back to normal.

If so, maybe by Thursday, I can branch out and have a little something else.

I came down with this malady two weeks ago yesterday. This seems like quite enough. I’m ready to be well.

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