A Little Bit of This and That

I am sitting on a Friday night in my living room. It is 9:47 and I am very ready to head upstairs to bed. However, I still need to write my blog for today to honor the commitment I made to myself to write daily. I am now lamenting the fact that I waited until this late hour to begin, but I have had a full day. All morning and half the afternoon I worked outside with daughter Rachael, sorting and organizing items from the garage, and then later this afternoon through the early evening I have spent working with students. I don’t usually see students on Fridays if I can help it, but many deadlines are drawing near right now for colleges and professional schools, so I had to make an exception.

Tomorrow, our family is gathering at daughter Sarah’s house to spend the afternoon together. I haven’t seen my grandkids or Sarah and Gregorio in over a month so I am very happy. I don’t like this length of time passing between visits usually but between our trip to Texas and the visit to see our friend in Chicago, plus a Covid test or two, well, it’s just taken this long before we have gotten a clean bill of heath to see our unvaccinated little grandkids. So, needless to say, I’m excited.

I also would like to report that I have finally recovered from my food poisoning. It took ten full days before I was not in pain of some sort, which was yesterday. Today, I feel normal though I still am getting a bit tired halfway through the day. Still, I ate normally today, which is a big step after 10 days of nothing or only rice, banana, applesauce, and bread. I lost 10 pounds overall though I expect the scale will start edging upward soon enough. Hopefully, I can keep off at least a few pounds. I did suffer for this weight loss, after all!

Off I go upstairs to bed. This blog, for better or worse, is what I’ve got in me for today. I’m glad I managed to get anything on the page to be truthful so I’m glad I met my goal.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

I’ll be checking back in again tomorrow. 

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