New Additions to the Orange Grove: Alpacas!

Liz and Ron have added a lot of features to our orange grove since they moved here but these four additions are the biggest improvement of all. Introducing: Finn, Jimmy Jet, Leroy and Buttercup. They are all young male alpacas who have come to live at our orange grove and be neighbors with the chickens and rooster.

We are all still getting to know each other, but when I went in to take these photos today, they all walked right up and sniffed away at me. That is a big improvement. When they first arrived, if I walked into their pen, they steadily walked backwards and then waited at the far fence until I left. I believe they are now getting a whole lot more comfortable. Could also help that I fed them some cucumber slices a couple of days back. Food is clearly a universal language.

These guys are quiet, curious, pleasant and their poop actually doesn’t smell bad. (No, I mean it really doesn’t.) The poop is also an amazing fertilizer which will be helping our orange trees become even healthier. I don’t know what Liz and Ron have in mind to do with the wool, but I’m sure they are busy with ideas. Mainly, these fellows are a lovely addition just on their own. They add a bit of texture to the place…yes…corny but true. And their eyes are so expressive, you feel as if you’re being watched by a cartoon cut-out of an animal that has been put on earth just to make you feel happy. They truly will warm your heart.

I’ve included portraits of all of them so you can see them up close.

I didn’t brush off the hay or doll them up in anyway. We’re not that close yet. We’re still at the hand-smelling stage.

Whatever the case, I’m glad they are here.

Jimmy Jet with Leroy photobombing behind him

2 Comments Add yours

  1. They do look sweet. And odorless poop. Oh, my. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you! Yes, sweet is the word.

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