A Sweet Amtrak Moment

We have made it home at last. Hooray!

Here is just one more sweet moment I wanted to share from our Amtrek experience today.

We were allowed at Barstow to all de-train and walk around to get air and a bit of exercise. Because the train was behind schedule, a group of people took their bags and boarded a bus that was going to whisk them to a connection in Bakersfield.

I saw a teenage boy racing from the bus back to the train in the direction of the car that held the snack bar. He came hurrying back a few minutes later with a distressed look on his face.

He approached a young Almish couple (the only people close to his age) who were standing outside one of the open train doors. They talked for a moment, then the young Almish man turned and rushed inside the train, reappearing a minute later with a water bottle. He gave it to the teenager.

The boy, thanked him profusely, then ran off in the direction of the bus, which left the second he jumped on board.

The Amish young man with a shy, but pleased smile on his face stood quietly by the train.

I couldn’t take a photo of the actual couple, but these were two of the people with whom they were traveling.

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