Life as an Editor

I have been editing a manuscript today

Switching out a word, a phrase, sometimes a whole sentence

Looking for repetition to eliminate while keeping the rhythm of the words

Searching for themes, motifs, and tropes that will illuminate the writing

Delighting when I stumble upon an apt metaphor

Or a succinctly stated feeling

Or a burst of action verbs that make me want to run, dance, and play

And always I am pleased when I discover a keenly observed detail

Which often serves as a symbol that breaks the writing wide open

Prompting the words to burst forth like a meadowlark

Serenading the reader from the page

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  1. Kelly Wise says:

    Wow, Len! I really liked the way this write reads. It has momentum that is very inspiring. What came to mind while reading it was the lyrics to the Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” substituting the word write for shout. Something like this…

    You know you make me wanna (write)
    Kick my heels up and (write)
    Throw my hands up and (write)
    Throw my hands back and (write)
    Come on now (write)

    Indeed, I have been serenaded from the page! Hope all is well.

  2. LOL. It’s wonderful to hear from you, Kelly. You know you made me wanna smile! Much appreciated. Hugs, Len

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