A Ramble Through My Day

I am returning to my 20 minutes a day practice of writing. I want to simply get words on the page to keep my writing (and ideas) flowing easily. That is one of the real benefits of writing for even as few as 20 minutes each day. It’s like doing push-ups for writing. Builds up strength and stamina.

The air conditioner in this room has an irritating hum. That is especially annoying since we just bought it. Our main unit recently went on the fritz so we bought a Black and Decker portable air conditioner that we can use to combat the late summer heat. Suddenly, it has stopped humming. Maybe the compressor just turned off? Whatever the case, I’m glad that it is now making the usual hum that an air conditioner makes. In the bigger picture, I’m happy to have it. It’s something we can easily place in another room or take back to CA the next time we drive.

Tomorrow is the recall vote for Governor Newsom, our CA governor. I am very hopeful that he will win and we can put an end to this chapter of trying to get him thrown out of office. In my opinion, he’s been a strong governor and is a decent and hard-working man. He has handled with focus and a steady hand the difficult problems our state has been facing. Granted, there are many issues we Californians have had to deal with over the past several years: Covid, wildfires, homelessness, and our economy, but Gavin Newsom has been actively tackling each of these with a clear head and a good heart. That is all I could ask of any public servant.

I am currently in Texas and today was devoted to hauling lots of things out of our barn. We are re-organizing as well as putting up shelves so we can be more efficient with the space. We were very lucky with the weather today. There was a cool breeze all day coming from the west. Here’s hoping that breeze doesn’t bring rain clouds because we have a backyard that’s full of furniture and boxes that don’t need to get wet. Tomorrow, we’ll be up and out early to keep up the momentum. We are spring cleaning in the fall, but since we weren’t here for 14 months due to Covid, maybe we’re right on schedule.

That’s my 20 minutes. A casual ramble here but at least I managed to get words on the page. That is a good feeling, all on its own.

Happy evening.

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