Family Photos of Sam and Caty’s Wedding Celebration

Last night and today, Ray and I have been in Austin for our nephew’s wedding celebration. Here are a few photos of my family and close friends, which unfortunately doesn’t include everybody. But here are at least a few photos to commemorate this happy occasion. It was really wonderful to celebration this lovely marriage with so many of my family members. Finally!

Len with brother Sam (my niece Mahlon and her partner Jeremy are in the background)
My niece Leslie (on the right) with her wife, Haley
My nephew Mason, my niece Katie, Katie’s partner, Chuck
Mason’s partner, Jessica, Mason, Brother Sam, Ray
My niece Charlsie and her daughter Remi
Sam, Holly (Sam’s 1st wife) and their granddaughter, Helen (Ellie)
Jim Adams, me, 1st cousin Lee, Larry Austin, Laura Leatherwood, Claude Leatherwood (1st cousin)
Elaine, Sam and Lee Leatherwood (Sam’s the groom)
Sam and Caty (Groom and Bride)

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