A Writing Prompt: Blue

I’m tired tonight and couldn’t think of a thing to write. So, I just took the word “blue” and listed everything I could think of. From there, I composed a little story. Nothing spectacular here, but at least I did my writing for today. Given how tired I am, I going to give myself a blue ribbon just for effort!

The word blue:

Blue velvet, blue moon, Blue Danube, blue lagoon, blue suede shoes, blue sky, cornflower blue, blue bells, bluebonnets, blueberries, blue cheese, Blue Willow, the Blues, blue horizon, deep blue sea, blue fish, blue ice, blue water, blue eyes, blue eye shadow, blue ribbon, blue bird, blue jay, feeling blue, “blue” language or movies, our boys in blue, blue hair, blue-haired women, red, white and blue, blue norther

A story using some of the words that I thought of that contain blue:

Chasing Away the Blues

Mary sat on her blue velvet bedspread and peered out the window at the lagoon. How lovely it was with its clear blue water and she wondered how the feisty blue jay family was doing that lived in the trees near the shore. She drank some Earl Gray tea out of her favorite Blue Willow cup and contemplated how perfect the choice of Johann Strauss’s Blue Danube waltz had been in 2001, A Space Odyssey. That Stanley Kubrick had really known what he was doing. She then got up and went over to the mirror to apply blue eye shadow to compliment her cornflower blue eyes and flipped on the television only to discover that Lady Sings the Blues was playing on Netflix. “I love Billie Holiday,” she muttered as she placed a blue ribbon in her blonde hair. “Her voice is just so distinctive.”

Mary decided to have bluefish for lunch with her friend, Camille, who she only saw once in a blue moon. They ended their meal with a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries. Mary confessed to Camille that she had recently been feeling really blue, but was now much better. “What’s been going on?” Camille asked.

“I was dating a guy with the lightest blue eyes and he was gorgeous,” Mary said, “but then I found out he had a wife and two kids. I almost felt as if I needed to call our boys in blue to come over and arrest him for such a violation of my trust. Instead I decided to fly out to see my sister and got stuck at her house when we had a blue norther. I haven’t been that cold in a long time, but I will admit that my sister and I had a wonderful time, all cozy in her warm house, wrapped in a soft blue plaid blanket while we spent hours looking through old photos of our family.”

Camille adjusted her blue rimmed glasses and said, “The only family I remember you talking about was your Aunt Meg.”

“Yes, and we found a great picture of her in her 90s with that classic blue hair. She was wearing a blue paisley dress and was striking a funny pose. We both had to laugh because it was so her, full of life until the day she died. Her favorite song was always Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes” and my sister and I went to YouTube and put on that song and before we knew it, we were dancing around her living room until our faces were pink. I understood then how all I ever needed to chase away the blues was a little bit of Elvis and a whole lot of Aunt Meg. From that moment until now, I feel as if I’ve discovered the magic elixir of life. Five minutes of channeling my dear ole aunt and all is well.”

We both chuckled , then Camille raised her iced tea glass into the air. “Here’s to Aunt Meg,”

We clinked our glasses together, and then I added, “And here’s to Blue Suede Shoes.”

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  1. lgood67334 says:

    The same process works with “red.” Might work with almost any color.

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