Mother’s Day and Sarah’s Birthday Celebration

We had a lovely and low-key celebration today of Mother’s Day and Sarah’s birthday. Sarah’s actual birthday is May 15th, but we’ll be celebrating the marriage of our nephew little Sam Leatherwood on that day, so we had a birthday party today instead. We had Thai food, whipped cream and fruit, presents and hang-out time. The kids got me a zip-up hooded jacket, a warm poncho perfect for plane travel and a watch that not only tells the time but also how many steps I’ve walked, my blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level. It also vibrates to remind me to drink more water and to get moving. Pretty cool!

Thank you, kids, for giving me those wonderful gifts today. I am currently wearing my hooded jacket and my new watch. And don’t worry, that poncho will get LOTS of use!

I know Mother’s Day can be hard on a lot of people. Those who have lost their mothers, those who are far away from their mothers, those who didn’t have a good relationship with their mothers, those who don’t know their mothers, just to name a few. And I also recognize that we all mother in our lives – even men – both other people (not necessarily our families) as well as our pets. Some people mother their plants and their gardens. There are so many different forms of mothering. I know quite a few women priests and ministers who mother their congregations. We all serve as a surrogate mother for our friends on more than one occasion. Most of us step up and provide that maternal support when we feel the need to do so. It is part of our nature to be kind, caring and protective. I have been the recipient of a lot of maternal love in my life. Part of my relationship with the writing non-profit I am involved in – Story Circle Network – is that I am nurtured and cared about by that group of women. They represent the best aspects of mothering: caring, accountability and compassion. I hope there are people in my life, besides my immediate family, who feel as if I’ve provided a little mothering to them.

Here are a few photos of today. Sarah requested a sunhat and a camping chair for her birthday. She also received all sorts of little gifts and a couple of bigger gifts from Gregorio. So, when you see Sarah sitting in a camping chair in her living room with an outdoor sun hat on, you’ll have an explanation for that.

Here’s to mothering in all its endless variations.

Ron and Liz
Sarah in her new sun hat
Gregorio and Nico
Lyla and Sarah sitting in Sarah’s new camping chair
Ray, Rachael, Sarah and Luna

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow. Until then, be well.

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