Heading back to LA on Amtrak

We walked across the Mexican border. Everyone wore masks. We then took a trolley to the Amtrak station in San Diego and are now almost to LA. This is our first time for this adventure. Overall, quite easy.

Once in LA, we’ll take the subway to Hollywood and Highland then make the trek to where our car is parked. We should be home in about an hour.

Tired but happy. It’s nice to know we have other options besides driving to Mexico. Between face masks and Purel, we’re feeling pretty safe. Of course those vaccinations are critical.

What a fabulous trip!

Here are a few photos. Talk soon.

Santa Fe Station in San Diego
View from the Train

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  1. judyalter says:

    I Love a train trip. Have been on that Amtrak from LA to San Diego and was amazed that the tracks were between the houses and the ocean in some spots, almost in the water. Not good urban planning but fun for travelers.

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