Flora and Fauna on My Walks in Baja

Mexican Rose, a flowering succulent
Margarita Cool Purple and Supreme White African Daisies
Yellow Ice Plants
Little Egret in nearby estuary
Two Godwits
Sand art

The photos above are images from my walks over the past couple of days here in Baja. Vibrant flowers, egrets and godwits in the estuary, sand art, all part of everyday life here. I am enjoying this relaxed time with the fiddler crabs scuttling over the wet sand in the estuary and people with buckets gathering up clams. Time elongates. The air is fresh blowing in from the ocean. The few people around are friendly but off in the distance. The sound is quiet except near the water where there is the gentle roar of waves rolling onto shore.

I am breathing slow and easy here.

Life feels simple and safe.

A good break from life in a busy city.

A chance to appreciate the beauty around us

One bird and one flower at a time.

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  1. judyalter says:

    Love listening to the waves, especially at night. Takes me back to my childhood on the shores of Lake Michigan. Glad you’re getting this break.

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