Nothing Like a Little Spring Cleaning

We’re back in LA after two days in Ojai doing some serious spring cleaning. A good feeling. I spent part of yesterday cleaning the windows on the Airstream, inside and out, vacuuming under the sink and in all the little hard-to-reach places that are easy to avoid in a quick clean. I dusted, swept, mopped and generally got the interior of our beloved home away from home spic and span. Meantime, Ray tided outside, fixed an electrical problem that has been plaguing us for a while and replaced a broken kitchen faucet. We were busy as the bees buzzing around the nearby orange trees. Today was more of the same, but down by our storage bins. Tidying up where we keep the building materials and garden tools; generally giving neglected areas some long-needed attention.

All of this cleaning feels satisfying. Getting life back in order after what feels like a long winter even here in Southern California. Not so much a real winter for us but rather an emotional one, coping with the threat of a deadly virus lurking around the fringes, potentially striking without warning. And while the pandemic is not over, it does feel as if we’re on the downhill slide. At least, I know that’s what we’re all hoping. So in the spirit of hope and new beginnings and a basic sense of renewal, I did what everyone does this time of year. I got down on my knees and scrubbed inside cabinets and behind chairs and under beds. Clearing out dust and cobwebs and all things that have been silently accumulating over this past year.

And I feel lighter and better and truly renewed.

Here’s to springtime and orange blossoms and a rooster heralding the break of day.

There’s hope in the air.


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