Granddaughter Luna’s 8th Birthday

Today, my first grandchild, Luna Isabella Pacheco Beaty, turned 8-years-old. She is such a lovely child – smart, funny and kind – and, of course, she occupies a special spot in my heart.

I was fortunate to have been present for Luna’s birth and I always tell her that I was the very first person in the family to see her pretty little face as she entered this world. She opened her eyes and made a cooing sound as she looked around. No tears, just curiosity. And if there was one phrase that describes Luna to a t, it would be that she is filled with curiosity. She impresses me pretty much every time I see her with newly acquired information about the world around us.

Her grandfather and I bought her one of the few gifts she requested: a green screen so she can continue to do the videos that are her current passion. She does a wide range of productions, but recently, she did a talk show where she was the interviewer of her giant stuffed bear Bob, the voice of Bob replying to the interviewer, plus the person who was the spokesperson for all the commercials that she added between segments. She even did a series of outtakes with Bob and other “crew members” all played by her, which were hilarious. She did it all herself and it was remarkably well done given the fact that she was only 7 at the time.

So, in an effort to support Luna’s creative spirit, Grandpa and I researched options and bought her a decent green screen. I thought it interesting that this was what Luna wanted, but, then again, if you’re doing this stuff, then having a green screen would be quite helpful.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Your presence in this world makes your Grandma especially happy. I love you very much and can’t wait to see your next video!

Luna today in Ojai

Luna and Grandma on the day of her birth

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  1. jhenehan says:

    Luna projects a personality with all of the curiosity you mentioned, a lively imagination and observations of life that are her own. Happy birthday, dear Luna. You bring life to life!

    1. Thanks, Joan! I love that you are such a supporter of our dear Luna.

  2. Joan Henehan says:

    She’s a peach!

  3. I love this birthday post. It is especially meaningful and hilarious to me because my Tom is making videos and he has just bought a green screen. Tom is not eight. Go Luna. Happy Birthday!

  4. Haha! Did he get the one with green on one side and blue on the other that comes with a stand? About 100 bucks? That’s what we got Luna. Go Tom and Luna!

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