Our Digs up at the Orange Grove & a Few Aches and Pains

I am sitting in the Airstream up in Ojai at our orange grove. Ray is sitting across from me at our table here in the kitchen area and we’re both working on our computers. Thanks to a Verizon hotspot, we’re able to stay fairly in-touch online, though it can get tricky with Zoom or FaceTime or too many videos. Still, right now, all is well with our connection so we’re both working away. Ray is checking our eBay sales and I am sitting here writing this blog.

Our little Airstream is a cozy little spot. This is a 38 footer so we have a fair amount of space for just two people and two dogs. More than enough to be comfortable, particularly since we have a whole fenced and graveled space out front where we have chairs and tables and can sit during the day. Also, we have another big Spartan trailer directly across from the Airstream that is in the same compound. It has a comfortable couch and arm chairs on one end, cabinets full of collectibles in the middle and a nice table on the other end where I often sit and work with my students via FaceTime and Google docs. I have a lovely view from that window of the Topa-Topa mountain range off in the distance.

Right now it’s pitch black outside at 7:08 pm. It will get down to 52 degrees tonight (it’s been in the 40s) and was in the mid-60s today. The weather is pretty mild.

Yesterday, I went over to Liz’s new trampoline and had a good bounce for about fifteen or twenty minutes (Liz might say is was more like eight to twelve minutes, which may actually be a bit more accurate). Whatever the case, today I started having a few odd aches and pains and immediately said to Ray, “Hm, maybe this is a reaction to my Covid vaccine. I hear some people get body aches.”

However, when I was up on the trampoline again today Liz asked me if I was sore from yesterday. I had to chuckle. I hadn’t even considered that my bouncing around might have made me a bit achy. I, of course, attributed it directly to the only real worry these days – Covid.

“Mom, just how much exercise are you getting at home on a daily basis?”

I made a big circle with my arms. “Zero,” I said. (But I forgot to mention that most days I take the dogs out for a walk around the block.)

“Well, there you go,” Liz said. “Those Covid aches are really just your body reacting to a little bit of movement.”

Go figure.

That trampoline is definitely a great addition to the orange grove. I bounced until I was breathing hard and my heart rate was up.

I might even not be too sore if I do this on a regular basis. Who knows? I might also learn how to do a flip.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeanne Guy says:

    You gotta post that picture in the next Journal as the new prez… LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Len says:

    Haha! Love you back!

  3. jpmccomas says:

    I dig your digs.

  4. Thanks, my friend! We dig our digs too.

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