A Poem for Our Times: Curled Up

Curled Up

I feel disconnected

Far away

Closed down


Protective of my inner self

Untrusting of the outside world

Shocked by the cruelty I see

The rudeness

The lack of respect

The anger

The lies

I want to be trusting


Willing to share



But I am not

Not now

Not when life feels this unsure




I wait

Curled up

With watchful eyes

And listening ears

Wait for a sign

That it is safe

To come out again

And live

5 Comments Add yours

  1. judyalter says:

    Thanks, Len. I think you speak for many of us who are still quarantining. Hope you are safe from the fires.

  2. auntcookie7x says:

    Sent from my iPad. Barbara Ruffner


  3. jfossett490 says:

    100 percent on board….we will make it through!

    1. Yes, we will. Big hugs, my dear. Love you.

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