Last Night at the Orange Grove

Another Ojai night. The stars are bright. We were out looking for the Perseid meteor shower, but it’s apparently too early. That means we might miss it. It’s hard to go to bed very late here, probably because we wake up early and are outside the majority of the day. So we were out for about thirty minutes at 9:30 and then decided we better head back to the Airstream. I am already in bed and am happy to be under the covers. The days are warm here (89 today), but the evenings are nice and cool. It is currently 69 degrees, but it feels much cooler. I had on long sleeves while we were out and wished I’d had a jacket. I have a thick comforter on the bed and am now cozy underneath it.

Tomorrow we’ll head back to LA. I would prefer to stay here all week and work here, but we have some business that needs to be attended to in the city. I love being here. The calmness of the environment (except when I’m in the chicken pen with Beau Leigh, the rooster) makes being here very restful. Plus, we both move a lot when we’re here since there’s simply a lot to do from one end of the orange grove to the other. That’s probably another reason we go to bed early. Whatever the case, we’re both now all settled in along with our two dogs, Frankie and Cordie. The crickets are chirping but besides that, there’s no other sound as of now. Later, we might hear coyotes off in the distance.

I’ll say good-night, my friends. I have one more morning with my friend Beau Leigh before we head home and Liz and Ron return here. Hopefully, our last morning together can be a calm one.

Sleep well. I’ll be checking back in again tomorrow.

Our Cactus Garden at the Orange Grove

Our Cactus Garden


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