Listening to the Crickets Here in Ojai

Ray and I are up at the orange grove for a few days. I am currently sitting in our Airstream listening to the crickets serenade us outside.

The air is cool.

The night is dark.

Our dogs are out checking the perimeter of our fenced-in compound and hoping to find some rodents to chase.

Tomorrow, I have been given the job by daughter Liz to feed the chickens, gather the eggs, feed the fish,  and then to cover up the chicken feed at the end of the day.  She and Ron are headed to LA for work for a couple of days.

I’m happy we’re here. I need the quietness and the coolness and the tree-filtered air.

Ray needs it too.

We’ll work some tomorrow, but rest some too.

Again, I’m happy we’re here. Sometimes being in the middle of an orange grove is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.

Until then, be safe and have some relaxed time as well.







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