Luna’s Birthday Gift for Her Daddy: A Story about the Two of Them

Gregorio and Luna in Switzerland in 2018

Two Surprises in One Morning

By Luna Pacheco Beaty

One Saturday morning a girl named Luna and her father Gregorio went and played soccer at the soccer field. They both loved to play soccer together and this was a special time for them to spend together every week.  

Unfortunately, on this Saturday the soccer field was closed because there had been a flood. They were very disappointed and Gregorio said to Luna, “Let’s go to a breakfast restaurant instead.”

So Luna and Gregorio got back in the car and drove over to a restaurant that was nearby. When they got there, they ordered breakfast. Luna had waffles and blueberries and Gregorio had sunny-side-up eggs with avocados and cheese. They had fun eating and talking. Unfortunately, at the end of the meal, Gregorio reached in his pocket and then said, “Oh, no! I forgot my wallet.”

Luna said, “But you ordered the food. How are you going to pay for it?”

“I don’t know,” Gregorio said. “This is a real problem.”

Luna said, “Do you think we could ask them if we could run home and get your wallet?”

“I don’t think so,” Gregorio said. “This is a restaurant and they expect the customers to pay.”

Luna said, “I can’t think of what we can do!”

Gregorio shook his head. “Neither can I.”

Luna thought and thought and thought and then asked “Do you have your cell phone?”

Gregorio nodded. “Yes, I do.”

Luna’s face broke into a big smile. “Call Mommy, Daddy! Didn’t you think about that before?”

“Actually, you’re right! Let’s call Mommy.”

In twenty minutes, Luna’s mom arrived with Luna’s younger brother and sister. Her mommy came in and said, “I’m kinda hungry too. How about we eat and then I can pay for everybody?”

So the whole family sat together while Luna’s mommy, brother and sister ate and then they got in two cars and went back home.

When they got home, Luna and Gregorio played soccer in their back yard.

The End

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly Wise says:

    So sweet!! And that photo melts my heart.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. Those two are about as adorable as you can get. Pure love.

  2. Susan/s says:

    Lovely story about that sweet morning. I’m always so glad when little girls have good dads.

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