Orange Grove Summer Night

I am sitting here at the orange grove. Cool air is pouring through the windows of the Airstream after a hot day. I hear music playing off in the distance, a late night Friday night celebration perhaps. Besides that faint music, all I can hear is the clicking of the clock on the wall.

I am getting up early tomorrow to work before it gets hot. That means before 10 am. After that, I will need to busy myself with projects under the oaks near our Airstream. We have fans and misters there. It will be very pleasant as long as we have a breeze coming in from the ocean.

I am drinking a cup of lemon ginger tea and am ready for bed. My eyelids are heavy as I write.

The grove is peaceful. I am happy. I will wake early to the sound of Liz and Ron’s rooster crowing. I better head to bed.

Sleep well, my friends. Talk tomorrow.

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