Luna’s New Story Inspired by A Little Research about Brazil

Brigadeiros are Brazil’s version of the chocolate truffle

Luna and I picked Brazil on a globe today, researched a little about Brazilian foods and also looked up favorite Brazilian girls’ names. Here is her story:

From Brigadeiros to Donuts

Ana and Arete are twin girls who live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their family is moving to Los Angeles in the United States because they have a very small house in Brazil and they are buying a much bigger one in LA. Also, their father just got a brand new job in the US and wants to take it.

The problem is that the girls don’t want to move. They have lots of friends in Sao Paulo and they won’t get to see them anymore. They try to talk their parents out of moving to the U.S. 

Arete says to her father, “Why do we have to move anyway? Our house is secure and it is big enough for us.”

Her father says, “Excuse me, girl, this house is as small as a mouse.”

Ana says, “I agree with Arete. This house is big enough for me!”

Her mother says, “Now, girls, LA has tons of treats. It even has something called donuts, which is a round dessert with a hole in the middle that is very sweet.”

“No,” the girls said. “We love our brigadeiros. We don’t want donuts!”

“I think you’re going to be surprised at how much you like Los Angeles,” said their father. 

Two weeks later, the family moved to LA to a much bigger house. They also happened to live right around the corner from a donut shop. 

One morning their father asked them, “Do you want to try a donut?” 

Arete and Ana said, “Yes!” 

So the whole family walked over to the donut shop. When they walked in, the girls saw stacks of donuts. They were round with holes in the middle and covered with strawberry icing, vanilla icing, chocolate icing and lots of sprinkles. 

When Arete and Ana tasted the donuts, they both said, “Yum!”

Arete said, “Maybe Los Angeles is good, after all.”

Ana nodded. “Yes, I like Los Angeles, too, but I like the donuts the best.”

The End

Luna Pacheco Beaty – Age 7

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  1. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Such a joy to be part of you introducing Luna to story telling, Len! A forever gift from Grandma… so beautiful!

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