Congratulations to Daughter Rachael Heading to Grad School in English Literature

My youngest daughter Rachael has just learned that she has been accepted into the MA program in English Literature at Loyola Marymount University here in Los Angeles. LMU has an excellent English program, which means that Rachael will have the chance to work with an array of English scholars with a wide range of interests. Rachael has a Bachelor’s in American Literature and Culture from UCLA and is pursuing this graduate degree out of her pure love of literature. She might consider heading into a Ph.D. program after her Master’s but first, she wants to savor the classes she’ll be taking and the books she’ll be reading. The best part is that LMU has offered her an English Department scholarship, which just adds a bit of icing to the cake.

Congratulations, Rachael. Here’s to pursuing a field of study that you love. I am very proud of you!

Rachael and Her Best Buddy, Luna

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  1. Don Dodson says:


    You have always had quite a remarkable family and you are carrying that right on through. I know you afre rightfully proud of your kids and grandkids.



    1. Thanks, Don. Much appreciated.

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