An Anniversary in the Midst of a Pandemic and Protests

Here is the maple sugar-sweetened hummingbird cake I made to commemorate Ray’s and my 40th wedding anniversary. We ate it with homemade honey-sweetened vanilla ice cream. This was after a relaxed meal of tortilla soup I made in my trusty Instant Pot.

Our big event today besides all this cooking/eating was a trip to the car wash this morning, which required finding an alternate route due to protest barricades. We marveled at the number of store fronts covered in plywood, but saw very little damage. This afternoon we watched the news coverage of the huge protest here in LA along with similar ones all over the country and the world. I would love to believe we will see real reform in our country as a result of this public outpouring. I hope we will after far too many years of returning to the status quo after everyone goes back home. Hopefully, specific steps will be put into place to stop our systemic racism. I heard several news commentators say that community leaders generally agree on how to bring about change. What has been lacking is the courage of those leaders and our elected officials to actually put those reforms into place. I pray for that courage now. Our country sorely needs real equality for all its people.

As Ray said this morning on our outing, “We are living in strange times when we have both an international pandemic and international protest marches condemning racism in our society.” True. Both propagated by unseen forces (germs and prejudice) and both in need of eradication.

Ray and I continue to do our part to stay healthy by socially distancing and wearing our masks. We also stand strong with the protesters against hate and inequity. Though not out in those marches, we both support their cause and trust and believe these actions are necessary in order to bring about a better world.

Meanwhile, we will continue our quiet celebration of our time together. Ray looked at me a few minutes ago and said, “Thanks for marrying me.” We both are well aware that three daughters and three grandkids wouldn’t be here without our union. We both truly believe our kids, our two sons-in-law, and all of their friends will do their part to create a better, safer and more equal world for our grandkids and all in their generation.

Hope is made manifest in these demonstrations. Americans collectively are a good and just people who can bring about justice for all. We all have to do our part in our everyday lives to make a real difference for our black and brown brothers and sisters. The time is now and we as a group are ready to make this shift nationally to stand up and put into place reforms that protect all of our citizens and demonstrate that we are a democracy that truly illustrates equality for all.

In the meantime, Ray and I will continue to love each other and do our best to spread that love to all we meet.

Here’s to love in action. The cure to save our world.

I send love to all of you this evening. Thank you for being my friend.

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  1. judyalter says:

    Congratualtions on the anniversary, Len and Ray. I am with you both on the hope invested in the protests. I’m not out on the streets–age and mobility problems suggest that would be a dumb thing to do. But I am with the protesters in spirit and am speaking out whenever I can. I too have a lot of hope for the fture.

  2. Thank you, Judy! As usual, you and I are in sync with our beliefs. Big hugs to you, my dear.

    1. judyalter says:

      And hugs back to you, Len.

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