Family Photos from the 1990s

I spent the afternoon going through photos of family and friends. I will share a few of the family just for the fun of it. These warmed my heart. I love all of these folks very much.

My sister Leslie and I are together at our brother Jim’s wedding in 1994
My brother George, his wife Sandra, Mom, Katie, Mahlon and Sarah at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Sherman, Texas for George’s girls’ baptism.
Dorothy and Leslie’s daughter Kevin
Sister Leslie’s daughter-in-law Karri and our brother Sam
Leslie’s son Jim, his wife, Karri and their little boy Eli (who just turned 19 a few days ago).
Ray, Elizabeth, Len and Rachael at brother Jim’s wedding in 1994
George’s daughter Leslie

George’s daughter Katie, Sam’s daughter Kaylee, and George’s daughter Mahlon (left to right)
Sam’s son Hutch, Ray and Rachael and Sam’s 1st wife, Holly
Our daughters, Liz, Sarah and Rachael
Halloween in the 1990s

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