Lyla’s Birthday Party

A “shelter-in-place” birthday celebration for granddaughter Lyla. Ray, Rachael and I were on FaceTime here in Beverly Hills, Liz and Ron in Ojai, and Lyla and her family in Pasadena. We chatted, heard a few jokes delivered by Luna and then sang an exuberant “Happy Birthday.” Lyla was most interested in seeing Auntie Rachael’s dog Hazel on the computer. Nico was most interested in Lyla’s birthday cake.

Luna’s jokes: Why can you not trust a taco?

Because they spill the beans.

Why can’t sheep fall asleep?

Because they have baaad dreams.

Pretty good ones!

Gifts will be delivered later.

A happy event even though we weren’t all in the same room. We were together, after all.

Happy 1st birthday, little Lyla. We love you!

Wrapped in love

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  1. Teresa Lynn says:

    Cute jokes. Looks like she’s happy with her little party.

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