Quiet Time

I am, like most people, doing my best to adjust to our collective new normal. I have watched endless news coverage on Corvus-19 and then have found solace by binge-watching Doc Martin, where life is fairly predictable and Doc always makes people better. I spent several hours this afternoon weeding and I felt consoled by that satisfying activity. Weeding helps me to breathe deeper.

I don’t feel too inclined to talk much right now. I do feel a need to be as calm as I can and to appreciate how good the sun feels on my back.

This definitely feels like a time to regroup. That is where I am and what I am doing. I suspect many other people are doing this too. Life has changed and we must change with it. One step at a time. One minute at a time.

I am heading to bed and to sleep. This is another place I find comfort right now. A break from this new reality. Plus, sleep helps me to stay healthy. The other goal at this moment.

Sleep well, my friends, and tomorrow go outside and enjoy the sun warming your back. Life’s simple pleasures in a complicated time can get us all through.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow. Stay well.


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