Rodney’s Crowell’s Song, “I Don’t Care Anymore”

This is a song for anybody who is a bit older and has gotten over many of his/her overly-lofty desires in life. I love this song. It has a lot of wisdom in it and names what’s important in life and what is not.

I also like that Rodney makes a bit of fun of himself. I heard an interview with him about this song and he said that he was reflecting on how it he “got full of himself” when he made a hit record and that his friend Guy Clark was very displeased with him as a result. This is Rodney clarifying that he doesn’t care about fame anymore or anything that comes with it. He said he very much wants people to hear his music, but all the glitz and glamour holds no appeal like it once did.

Personally, I think the writing on this song is amazing: clear, concise, and resonant.

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