A Very Close Call

Early this morning, my brother and his wife Jaime were asleep in their home in East Nashville, Tennessee when a tornado struck in their neighborhood. Sam said they went to sleep not knowing there was a tornado warning, but that “wind, rain and lightning kicked up” just as they were going to bed. He said they didn’t think much about it and went straight to sleep.

This morning they discovered that houses and businesses had been destroyed a mile from their house. They also sadly learned that there had been twenty-four fatalities over four counties, including children. This was an EF-3 tornado with winds up to 165 mph and the effects were devastating.

They went out to see what had happened. Below are two photos Sam took:

East Nashville
East Nashville

An event like this helps all of us to remember just how unpredictable and random life can be.

May light perpetual shine upon those who have died and may those who are suffering be enfolded in love. As for Sam and Jaime, I have to say a quiet thank you to God. I am most grateful they are safe and unharmed.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa Lynn says:

    So glad they’re safe.

  2. Thank you, Teresa.

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