Listening to Jason Isbell

We have been listening to Jason Isbell’s channel on Pandora and I’m enjoying it very much. I like Southern singer/songwriters and there is a lot of music featured that is exactly that. I am currently listening to 1968 by the Turnpike Troubadours from their album Diamonds & Gasoline.

I especially like the songs that Jason sings with his wife, Amanda Shires, with their band The 400 Unit. Jason and Amanda have a beautiful vocal blend that manages to evoke all sorts of feelings in me when I hear them. Here’s an example:

Ray and I were driving through Colorado after my brother Sam’s wedding when we heard this song on the XM radio. When the song was over, we looked at each other and tears were running down both of our faces. Something about the line, “Maybe we’ll get 40 years together…” sent those tears a’flowing.

Here’s the song that made us both cry:

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