Grandbabies Visiting Today!

I am tired but happy after meeting the Pacheco Beaty family at 10:30 this morning for breakfast and then bringing Luna and Nico home for an overnight visit. The kids will head home mid-morning tomorrow to see Mama, Daddy and baby Lyla.

We went to the Habitat for Humanity “Restore” after breakfast in Glendale, then came home to discover Auntie Rachael and one of her best buddies, Michelle, were here. We all watched a movie, had popcorn then I took the kids to Roxbury Park here in Beverly Hills. After we returned, it was dinner, a bath and then bed. Luna is having a sleepover in Auntie Rachael’s room and Nico will be sleeping with me. Usually Grandpa and Luna are together but it’s hard to beat the allure of Auntie Rachael. After all, she’s been their part-time nanny since both of them were born and they are very bonded to her. So, Ray will be sleeping with Cordelia and Frankie since there’s not enough room for Ray, Nico, the dogs and me all in our bed. Besides, we have a fourth dog visiting for the weekend as well. So, Ray has his hands full all on his own.

Tomorrow, we’ll get up and have breakfast, then Ray will drop me at church while he takes the kids back to Pasadena. They have a birthday party to attend so they’ll be having a busy afternoon.

It’s always wonderful to have this sweet little characters. I made honey-sweetened vanilla pudding with cherry topping as a treat today. They gobbled that right up so I believe they liked it.

I must admit I wish they lived right next door. However, I am grateful I get to see them as much as I do. I feel exceedingly lucky to have access to these little jewels fairly often and absolutely adore these special overnight stays. There’s something special about having the kids here in our home with us. We get them all to ourselves, which I know is something to cherish since time flies by so quickly.

On that note, I’ll close. I will admit I’m a bit tired. The kids have been very well behaved but there is just the simple matter of keeping up with them. That presents a few challenges all on it own.

I’ll be checking back in again tomorrow.

Roxbury Park

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