Prompt: My Favorite Season w/ a Glimpse into My Childhood as well as Paris

My Favorite Season

It’s a little hard to think about favorite seasons since I live in Southern California, which is like living in perennial spring. I do love spring so that is one of the benefits of living where I live. However, if I have to pick a season as my true favorite then it will have to be the fall. Why? For a multitude of reasons.

I grew up in North Texas where fall is a glorious season. After surviving the extreme heat of summer, there was nothing more welcome than those fall days with crisp cool mornings and enough chill in the air to require a sweater for school. Orange, red and yellow leaves festooned the trees, the scent of wood smoke was in the air and Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were right around the corner. Plus, growing up in a small Texas town meant Friday night football games with the high school band playing, the loudspeaker blaring play-by-plays and the smell of popcorn wafting from the concession stand. I spent many a Friday night up in those wooden stands with my family, watching our local boys become football heroes on the field. Later, I would be down on that same field as a band member or as a cheerleader, either doing my best to remember the half time show while playing my cornet or else jumping as high as I could after performing one of our many cheers.

Fall also meant the promise of new beginnings with the coming of a new school year. I looked forward to my new school clothes as well as a fresh batch of school supplies. I couldn’t wait to get back to class after three months of summer vacation, meeting my new teachers as well as seeing my friends. I loved school and was happy to be back in the swing of things. I can still conjure up the scent of yeast rolls baking, which was a smell that permeated our elementary school every morning before lunch. I associate that smell with all things happy.

I still think of fall as a new beginning. I make my year-long plans in September rather than in January with the new year. I think in terms of September to June rather than January to December. Such is the power of positive school experience, I suppose, as well as all the sense sensations that come with fall: cooler weather, new experiences, exciting plans and hope for a year that is as least as good as the last and, hopefully, even a little bit better.

I am currently visiting Paris, France where fall is in full swing. I had to wear a jacket and scarf yesterday and the trees are decked out in their autumn colors. I believe I even smelled chestnuts roasting yesterday in the streets. Is it a wonder I love fall? After all, who wouldn’t love Paris this time of year?

Yes, fall is my favorite season and I’m right in the middle of it now. I’m feeling happy and hopeful and have one or two new plans up my sleeve. Today, I’ll get to enjoy fall here in Paris while out sightseeing. How’s that for a lovely and wondrous thought? I will drink in the fall weather amid the sights and sounds of the City of Lights and pinch myself that I can be this lucky. Who knew when I was that little girl growing up in that little Texas town that I would have this lovely day in my future?

Taken from a boat taxi on the Seine


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