A Quick Update

Hi all,

I am back in LA after a marathon of weddings – three in the past five weeks – in Mexico, Colorado and Texas.

I have a zillion things I want/need to tell you about that have happened. Nothing huge – well, maybe one thing huge – but mainly important-to me things to share. Like how absolutely perfectly the Instant Pot hardboils eggs. Yes, I even have a series of photos to prove it.

However, I am only checking in tonight so that I can start back on track tomorrow. I have been working since 9:30 am today and it’s 8:13 pm right now. I am feeling some need to get out of this chair, stretch my legs and maybe go take a bath.

So, consider this my hello after a break while in Texas. There I was working all day out in the heat and then working with college essay students every evening. I just didn’t have any words left to share by the end of the day.

I did discover the Great British Bake Off while in Texas so I have a few things to say about that once I get back on track. Plus, of course, I attended a beautiful wedding there.  I have a few photos to include on that plus hope to be seeing the bride and groom’s photos fairly soon and will share some of those too.

So, please bear with me. This is college essay season and I have quite a few students. Plus, I am teaching an online class and also have all the last-minute preparations necessary before we leave for Italy in late October for our Story Circle Network writing workshop and trip to the Amalfi Coast. Lots of good things happening. I just have to figure out how to write earlier in the day since I’m too pooped in the evening to write.

I will figure that out.

On that note, I’ll say goodnight. I’ll be talking with you again tomorrow.

Until then, be well.



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