A Quick Write on Shoes in My Life

A list of the types of shoes I’ve worn over my life:

  1. Kid’s Keds.  A favorite of mine when I was little, white and navy blue.
  2. Patent leather little girl shoes for special occasions like Easter or Christmas (in white or black).
  3. Flip=flops, which, when I was growing up, were referred to as “thongs.”
  4. Pink High Top Converse Basketball Shoes. A discovery my mother made much to my chagrin after we determined my feet were just too wide for anything else offered in our little town. If we didn’t get those “boy’s” shoes, we would have to drive to either Sherman or Dallas (25 or 65 miles respectively). This was long before these were in style for girls, but I wore them dutifully with the dresses I was required to wear to school at that point. (Still, not a very happy memory.)
  5. Moccasins in white or beige. (I loved these.)
  6. Heels: low, middle and high with the usual range of wide, narrow or stiletto heels.
  7. Tennis shoes in many varieties over the years with my favorites being Asics.
  8. 3-inch “wedgie” boots I bought when I was teaching in Italy. God, I loved those boots.
  9. A whole range of high-heeled and low-heeled boots in black and brown over the years.
  10. White Majorette boots my senior year in high school with purple tassels on the front (I was especially fond of these and proud to be a majorette in our Sweepstakes Band.)
  11. Earth Shoes – bad choice for me on a trip to Europe, traveling alone. Miserably uncomfortable and I only brought that one pair of shoes. Lesson learned.
  12. Brown leather shoes – yes, these were great.  Wish I still had them. (Bought them in Italy as well when I was teaching.)
  13. Easy Spirit and Aerosole heels – always good for church, weddings, etc.. Not having much luck now for some odd reason. My foot may be shrinking but getting wider at the same time!
  14. Leather sandals in black and brown.  I like the ones with support. I usually buy them at Risk’s Shoe Store in Sherman, Texas, a long-standing family-owned business with great shoes and fabulous sales.
  15. A whole slew of too-tight shoes that I have purchased in a hurry.  Always a very bad idea since they make me unhappy very quickly.
  16. Sketchers – black.  My preferred shoe at the moment.

What you may or may not can tell about me from that list is that I am not much of a shopper.  With wide feet in a small size (5 – 5 1/2), I have owned way too many shoes that squeezed the hell at of my feet and therefore had a short shelf-life in my closet.  As I am getting older, I am in favor of comfort over style but still can appreciate a cute pair of shoes if I can ever find a pair that actually fits. That is pretty few and far between at this point. For example, I have been in search of a good pair of basic heels for months and ordered at least four pair. All four pair were returned because they were either too narrow or too long. Ugh. But I know I’ll find the right pair one of these days and then maybe I’ll just buy three pair so I’m set for a few years.  Not a bad idea.

Luckily, my life usually centers on activities that require tennis shoes or sandals. I am pretty set in those two departments so that’s good. I still need that one pair of comfortable dress shoes though, mainly for church, so I suppose I do need to plan a trip down to Off-Broadway Shoes on Sunset. They usually have lots of shoes to choose from and, surely, I’ll find just the right pair to make me happy.

On that note, I’ll close. I am getting up very early to head to Colorado for my little brother’s wedding. No, I don’t have the right pair of heels for the wedding so I will be wearing a hand-me-down pair from daughter Liz. They are black wedged sandals with sequins on top. Cute, but maybe a bit chilly after the sun goes down in the Rockies.  I’ll bring my Sketchers along just in case…

I’ll check in again tomorrow…





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Hensley says:

    Look for hard to find sizes@outlet stores. They pile up there. Nordstrom rack. Do not buy shoes for future use. Feet change as does everything else with age.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I will try the outlet stores, particularly since I have a small size. Yes, I was wondering about my feet changing over time. Appreciate that guidance!

  2. Donna Scrivner Mosley says:

    Enjoyed your evolution through your shoe history. Would be a great way to organize a short autobiographical story, especially for those obsessive shoeaholics.

    1. Yes, I think the idea of this has potential. This was a 20 minute quite write but I think it could be a jumping-off point for a decent memoir piece.

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