Love Is In the Air

I’m sitting with my student here in my den in LA and we’re both doing a quick write. I know that I’ve been off the grid lately (my middle daughter Liz was married in Mexico last weekend) so I am happy to climb back on my daily blogging wagon and get moving again. 

I have lots to say but won’t have a lot of time to say it since my student will let me know when he’s finished writing. So, here goes with a few highlights:

  1. I love Mexico. The people who I have met have been so kind, so helpful and so genuine that I find myself with each trip getting more and more relaxed there.  Not to mention, it is a beautiful country with magnificent seascapes, green rolling hills and I’m sure plenty of other gorgeous terrain that I just haven’t seen yet.  My recent exposure has been limited to the northern part of Baja California, which has all sorts of picturesque spots to enjoy.
  2. Liz and Ron’s wedding was a wonderful celebration. People came from all over the country to be there for this event and everyone was open, loving and ready for fun. We spent lots of time before and after the wedding in the pool and the atmosphere was low-key and relaxed. The weather, which was warm during the day, cooled off by 5 pm and the evenings were cool and pleasant. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience related to this wedding. Love, laughter and a general sense of well-being abounded.
  3. We will be heading off later this week for Colorado and another wedding in Breckenridge. This one is for my brother Sam and his long-time girlfriend, Jaime. They have been together for 15 years so their knot-tying makes me (and many other people) very happy. We will have the treat of seeing them again (they were in Mexico for Liz and Ron’s wedding) as well as our Utah relatives who we also just saw. We almost never get this many chances to enjoy each other’s company since we live so far away from one another so this is quite a gift. We are also looking forward to seeing lots of Texas relatives, who we haven’t seen in quite a while. That will also be lots of fun. 
  4. Here’s to love, my friends. It seems to be in the air right now. After Breckenridge, we head to Texas for yet another wedding. That one is for our beloved Anabelle Dunn who will be marrying her sweetheart, Jake Pannell.  Anabelle’s parents are two of our closest friends in this world so we are happy to be there to help celebrate this sweet union.

Oh, now my student is signaling that he is done, which means I am also done.

I’ll be checking back in again tomorrow. 


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