Countdown Day

I had quite a day today.  I had my writing group from 10 – 12, visited with our friend and priest from 2 – 4, then was on the phone with college essay students from 5 – 9. I am feeling a bit tired at the moment. but am also happy since every interaction I had felt positive and fulfilling.  Not every day goes like that, but today was one of those good days. Hallelujah.

Tomorrow is our last day here before we jump in the car on Thursday and head down to Mexico for Liz and Ron’s wedding. We are going a day early so we can be rested before all the festivities begin. We figure we’ll get the lay of the land and maybe just relax a bit before people start arriving. I am excited since the hotel where the wedding is being held is beautiful. I am looking forward to enjoying the lovely rooms, the two restaurants and the pool.

This will be a quick post tonight since we’ll be up early tomorrow doing all of our last-minute preparation for the trip. I have a meeting with a college essay student tomorrow evening plus I need to respond to my online students’ reading responses in a Flash Nonfiction class I’m teaching for Story Circle Network. I want to get all of that done as early as possible so I can focus entirely on our wedding weekend.  That is the goal.

What’s that I hear?  Could that be the distant sound of wedding bells?  I believe so!

I know, that was nerdy. But what can I say? I’m excited.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.



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