Dress Shopping for Liz’s Upcoming Wedding

This afternoon, I received a package with one of two dresses I ordered for Liz’s wedding. The dress is very cute, but, unfortunately, because I am a bit busty, it doesn’t fit in that area like it should. So, one dress down within minutes. Then, later in the day, I received the third pair of black heels I’ve ordered for the wedding. These I bought in a wide width and at my usual size, 5 1/2. Nope. Not wide enough. Yet another pair of shoes I’ll be returning. Then this evening, feeling nervous about the approaching wedding date (a week from this Saturday), I went shopping. I tried on long dresses, short dresses, dresses in colors that weren’t quite my color, but were relatively cute otherwise, sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve dresses, v-necked, round-necked, boat-necked dresses, and with not one exception, they simply looked awful. It is a challenge on any given day to find clothes simple enough to not overwhelmed this 4’11” frame, but when it’s a special occasion dress that has to also have a touch of summer in it since it will be warm and everyone will be wearing summer colors, well, that is near impossible for this hard to fit gal.

I came home empty-handed except for a cardigan sweater and a bag of popcorn.

I could wear something I already own but almost everything dressy I have is black and this is a summer wedding. Not exactly right.

Now I think I’ll close so I can go collapse into bed.  I have, after all, wrestled on dresses for the past three hours. I am a bit tired.

Fingers crossed that the other dress I ordered just happens to fit and is cute. If that were the case, you might hear my loud “Yes!” even if you’re three states over.

Here’s to finding that perfect dress in the next few days. I’m sure I will. After all, it just takes one.

I’ll be talking to you again tomorrow.


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  1. Suzanne Sanders says:

    Len, don’t rule out a Black dress, if you add a light-weight, kind of ‘lacey’ see through effect ‘topper’ that ties at waist, in White. I had to do this for a Wedding, dreaded it, and it ended up look pretty much OK. The long-sleeved, white lacy, tie at Waist, “topper’ was found at Stein Mart, and the Ann Klein, sleeveless black dress (that did not cling or bind in places that needed concealing) was found a year previous, I think also at SteinMart. Do you have SteinMart? Saw a number of ladies at Wedding who had on ‘black’. But you are Mother of the Bride and I know you want a smashing look….

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