Teaching A Flash Nonfiction Class for Story Circle Network

I’ve just started teaching an online class on Flash Nonfiction class for Story Circle Network. It’s a small class of six women and we’re using The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction: Advice and Essential Exercises from Respected Writers, Editors, and Teachers edited by Dinty W. Moore.  This is a great book for any person interested in learning about writing flash nonfiction (pieces 1200 words or fewer), which includes essays and memoir pieces.

I am excited about teaching this class.  I have several students who are returning for a second class with me so several are very familiar. Plus, I have one of my SCN buddies who has also enrolled, which is a treat. The women live all over the country, from Virginia to Florida to Idaho to California and are all new to flash writing so that’s fun as well. They are eager to learn, which is already clear from their introductions and reading responses.

Over the next five weeks, they will write and submit a flash essay every Friday, which will be read and critiqued by one of their classmates and also by me. It is a great opportunity to get constructive feedback to grow their writing.

Story Circle Network offers small and affordable online classes for women only. Our organization’s mission is to encourage women to tell their stories.

Consider looking into our class offerings for the fall if you are a woman and have any desire to write stories or poetry about your life.  We also offer fiction courses for those who are interested.

I love this organization and am the coordinator of the online classes program. If you want to know more, then simply ask any question in the comments section and I’ll get back with you.

On that note, I’m headed to sleep. We’re up at the orange grove and I can’t wait to take a hot shower and climb into bed. Night sounds await.

We’ll talk again tomorrow.



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