A List of Things I Know Just From Living This Long

I wrote this list a few years back, but found it tonight and wanted to reshare it. I have been wedding dress shopping with daughter Liz all afternoon and I am seriously beat. So, please read this list of some of the wisdom I’ve gleaned from living and add any truths you’ve learned in the comments section. I’ll be talking to you again tomorrow.

What do I know? Living in the present is the healthy way to live. Life works out…I think.  Time heals…eventually…I hope. Babies are a blessing and to be cherished. One day at a time. One minute at a time if need be. Stay focused on what works. Keep negative thoughts at bay. Hug tight. Love hard. Get enough sleep. Don’t eat junk food – or at least not too much junk food. Be kind to small children and animals. Watch movies that make you cry. Remember tears release toxins. Drink lots of water. Eat fruit and vegetables. Chocolate helps. Listen to music. Pray. Practice gratitude. Move more than staying still. Make human contact. Swim, walk or bike. Meditate. Practice positive visualization. Keep perspective. Communicate your thoughts and feelings. Don’t isolate. Don’t over-plan. Get outdoors. Change routines. Make your bed. Keep your fridge cleaned out. Dance. Sing alone or with others. Breathe deeply. Read. Write. Share. Take long warm baths. Relish intimacy. Get regular haircuts. Take chances. Don’t be afraid. Smile. Laugh as often as possible. Try not to bore people with overly detailed stories. Listen to others, even if they have overly detailed stories to tell. Give to others. Be generous when you can and sometimes when you can’t. Forgive yourself. Remember that everyone is flawed. Don’t expect too much from others. Remember we are all just doing the best that we can. Don’t believe stereotypes. Dare to keep a few dreams alive. Work towards those dreams even if they seem unreachable. Keep going even when you want to stop. Be flexible. Be kind. Say less than half of what you really think. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Never stop believing that you can live the life that you truly want. Never stop believing in the occasional miracle. Remember that life often ends unexpectedly. Tell people you care about them on a regular basis just in case today is the day. Don’t underestimate the power of love. Accept – even begrudgingly – that life will change even when you don’t want it to. Accept that aging is a gift and never a given. Embrace what you have and let that be enough. Accept that you – as you are right now, filled with flaws and not anywhere near where you expected to be at this age – are plenty good enough, as is. Embrace “as-is.” Say “How are you?” and listen to the answer with full attention. Wake up extra early and watch the sunrise. Stay up extra late and watch the moon rise.  Say thank you and mean it.  Say “I love you” to those you do as often as you can without being obnoxious.  Err on the side of sensitivity even if you’re afraid you look a little too emotional.  Hold those you have loved in the past close to your heart and remember they are never far away even if it’s been too long since you’ve seen them.  Remember that time is relative and will speed up with age.  Don’t spread ignorance.  Be brave and stand up for what you believe.  Keep learning.  Spend more time talking about ideas than people.  Play.



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  1. jhenehan says:

    I’m making a copy of this and posting it in my kitchen!

  2. Thank you. The highest of compliments!

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