Musings While Listening to Crickets Sing

I am sitting in this quiet house in Ensenada, Mexico listening to the crickets chirp outside. Sarah and family have headed to bed, as has Ray.  Just me and the crickets and the cool air pouring in from the open window.  We will be headed back to the U.S. early tomorrow morning after arriving late on Thursday night. I feel much more rested than I have in a while, primarily since I’ve been doing nothing but relaxing and hanging out with my family.  I feel peaceful.

This level of quiet is very similar to the orange grove. I don’t hear one car, one person talking, any helicopters overhead, or any horns honking off in the distance.  Only the whir of the ceiling fan and a chorus of crickets. The estuary is nearby, but the ocean is the equivalent of about a block away so I can’t hear any waves crashing onto the shore. This quiet helps me to breath deeper, makes me calm. I have been sleeping deeper during the night as well.

We spoke to the American couple who lives next door here at the resort. They have been coming to Estero Beach for the past 25 years and built a home here 2 1/2 years ago. The husband had a business here where he manufactured construction materials that he then sold to the U.S. He has since sold his company and is officially retired. He said he and his wife love living here. There are quite a few American retirees who have homes here. We have seen them out and about, looking relaxed and happy.

Though we are here only for a brief respite, I understand the lure of such a quiet lifestyle for the Americans who live here. The ocean is nearby, the prices are much cheaper than in the US and there is a general low-key attitude that prevails. Hard to beat all of that. We will certainly return for another dose of rest and relaxation in the near future.

I hope you are having your own version of a quiet and peaceful weekend.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow after we return home to CA.

As for now, I’m headed to bed to listen for a bit longer to the cricket serenade.

Estero Beach, Mexico.jpg


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  1. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Shalom – and – gratitude for sharing your gorgeous, quiet moments. Safe travels until we meet again. xo

  2. Thank you, Mary Jo! We are now safely back in LA. I am happy you are out of the hospital and feeling better. Hugs to you.

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