Garage Sale Ready

This is a quick post tonight because I am very tired after working all day today on the garage sale.  We are all set for our humble sale and have already had a few customers.  I wouldn’t say we’ve set any sales records so far, but we did part with a few items that have lightened the load.  Hopefully, we’ll do the same tomorrow so that our donation to local charities is made much easier. That is the one ironclad rule: once it’s been through a garage sale, it is never allowed back into the house, one way or another.

We had lots of fun today visiting with friends who dropped by as well as our neighbors. It’s great to be in a neighborhood where people know each other and actually enjoy one another’s company. That is quite a treat.

Also, the weather cooperated today. Though the temperature was 90 degrees and the humidity was 73%, there was a lovely breeze all day long which made it easy to work under the pecan tree out front. We hardly broke a sweat!

Hope your day went well.  I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.


Lyon House

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