Hello, Texas!

Ray and I flew in today to get ready for our annual neighborhood garage sale, which is this Saturday, July 13th, from 8 – 4 on the front lawn of our house here in Sherman. We’re happy to be here and look forward to this annual event with our neighbors. Mark your calendars! We are available for visiting and showing you what might be a rather humble assortment of stuff. However, think inexpensive! That is the keyword here. Our address is 716 North Crockett, Sherman, 75090.

We had quite a long travel day to get here. We stumbled out of bed at 4 am and then left at 5:15 for LAX to make a 7:45 flight to Houston. Then we had almost a 2-hour layover in Houston before flying into Dallas, which landed us in rush hour traffic for our 65-mile trip north to Sherman. But between Siri re-routing us through less crowded Dallas streets and the completed HOV lane heading northbound on 75, we scooted right through what could have been a bumper to bumper ordeal.

In addition, I must say that every person we met along the way – from the shuttle driver at Fox Parking in LA, who kindly turned the bus around to retrieve a fellow passenger’s forgotten cell phone at the long-term parking office, to the flight attendants at Southwest Airlines, to the Payless rental car people here in Texas and even to the convenience store clerk outside of Love Field where we stopped to get some iced tea and coffee – was exceptionally kind and pleasant. We were met at every turn with lots of smiles, a few jokes and universal good-naturedness. I found myself thinking – after the convenience store clerk gave me a big grin and asked if there was anything else he could run get for me before checking out – that Texas truly lives up to its motto as the Friendly State! But that shuttle driver in LA gets a major shout-out as well along with all the other passengers who nodded their agreement to turn that bus around then gave reassuring smiles to the woman who had left her cell phone behind.  My goodness, I felt some serious love out in the world today.

And now we are here at our Texas home. I always forget how pretty it is until we get here and I find myself bowled over once again.  Of course, we’ve got a series of repairs that need our attention – a major roof repair for one – but that still doesn’t take away from my pleasure of being here. I’m back in my home territory since this is only 25 miles from where I grew up and home is home.

Here are a few photos of our house from this evening.

Talk again tomorrow after a crazy day of running around getting organized for our garage sale.  If you are in the area, drop by on Saturday. I’ll be happy to see you!


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