From Inaction to Action, Thanks to the Recent Earthquake

Here are the supplies that we have ordered to hopefully help us not lose every antique and collectible we own when the next earthquake rocks Southern California. We have a plethora of products that arrived today to help make that hope a reality. Museum Wax is common around these parts precisely to glue down beloved pieces so they don’t topple over. Plasti-Tac, which claims to be reusable, looks like something we might use a lot of tomorrow when we tackle more of the work that Ray started yesterday. That, plus two types of cabinet locks, magnetic for the nicer cabinets and baby-locks for the kitchen and bathrooms, to ensure that cabinet doors keep their contents inside rather than outside, should we have another one of those earthquakes that jiggles and rolls like the last one. Also, exterior screws for securing cabinets to the walls.

Our goal is to dive in first thing in the morning and make use of all these items. Though this is not “sexy” work, it is the sort of thing that helps you sleep better at night once it’s done.

When we first moved here in 1994, the Northridge earthquake has occurred only a few months before. As a result, people routinely drove around with extra clothing, shoes, food and water in the trunks of their cars. We thought that was just part of living in an earthquake-prone state and we had our supplies all ready as well. We were even cautious about traveling too far in the city when our kids were in school lest a quake occur and block our way back to our neighborhood. Many a trip to the valley was put off until the kids could go with us. However, as the years passed, all the talk of provisions and emergency plans fell away and life returned to “normal.” Until a couple of days ago, when all of that information seems suddenly quite relevant again.

A little shake-up is not a bad thing. It pushes back complacency and serves as a reminder that everything in our lives is in a state of flux. Some changes come slowly, others more rapidly, but change is a reality in this world. Even if a person could keep all other parts of their lives the same, the very fact that they will age a little everyday illustrates that there is a bigger picture occurring outside of our sphere of control. Better to be prepared than not, particularly when you have been recently reminded what it feels like to have the ground literally move under your feet.

Here is a earthquake preparedness checklist prepared by the State of California. I found this helpful when considering what I actually need to know before the next earthquakes makes its appearance. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you too.

I’ll be chatting with you again tomorrow. Until then, stay safe.

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