Earthquake Scare

When you live in California, the potential for the “Big One” is always looming. Yesterday, there was a 6.4 magnitude earthquake out in Ridgecrest which was felt all over Southern CA. We were at the parade in Ojai at the time and the fellow next to me said he felt it quite clearly. I, in contrast, felt nothing. Tonight, back in our home in LA, I was sitting on the couch when suddenly I felt the room roll up and down. It took me a minute to register this was an earthquake. I slipped on my shoes and stood up, only to see the television rocking back and forth on the table across the room. About that time, the temblor stopped and Ray was calling to me from upstairs. Turns out this quake was again in Ridgecrest and was a 7.1.

Coincidentally, I had a major attack of nausea soon before the earthquake today. I never get anything like that so I was surprised when all of a sudden I felt very sick at my stomach. I ran upstairs to the bathroom and crouched in front of the toilet. I didn’t throw-up, but felt very much like I might. Then the feeling passed. One of the reporters said she had been feeling dizzy for several hours today. I have no idea if these things are related, but it is curious.

Tonight, we will all sleep a bit less soundly, I suspect. Tomorrow, Ray and I will start using earthquake putty to fasten down many of our collectibles. We were going to do that today but were busy working on other things instead. Now it appears, we have another opportunity to take care of a very necessary task.

On that note, I believe I’ll close and head upstairs. I will keep a pair of sneakers close to my bed, just in case we get a big jolt. That is recommended in case there is any broken glass.

Gotta love seismic activity. Helps to keep priorities straight, that is for sure. Nothing like having the ground rock and roll to provide a bit of perspective on life.

Stay safe, my friends. We will talk again tomorrow.

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  1. jhenehan says:

    We fitted our kitchen cabinets with the “baby locks” to minimize danger and clean-up if things really rock and roll. Recommended!

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