Sonnet #2

This is my second attempt at a sonnet. In contrast to the complexities of Shakespeare’s work or a fine sonnetist like Edna St. Vincent Millay, this looks pretty paltry. However, I am just proud to get it on the page. I am only now learning about iambic pentameter, poetic feet, quatrains and couplets (well, I did actually know what a couplet was before I started). I am aware my rhythm may be off. I’m still working on that! Alas, here is my small offering.

Sonnet #2

Sometimes, outside on a warm summer’s day,

Filling my bag with oranges from the trees.

I watch a hawk soar through the sky, then sway, 

its wings spread wide to catch the gentle breeze.

Then, breaking from my duties at mid-day,

To rest a while and eat a small repast.

I often hear a distant horse’s neigh,

Transporting me to when I was a lass.

I drive with my dad to feed our cattle,

Skirting puddles to miss the mud and muck.

We cross our field with a lurch and rattle

How I love to maneuver that old truck!

Who knew what delight our senses could bring?

Painting rich scenes that spur the soul to sing.


Photo by Antonio Gabola on Unsplash

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  1. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Len, I’m not skilled in poetry – either writing or appreciation rationale – but I want to tell you I like this sonnet very much. I loved the image of the hawk and where he took you. I’m looking forward to following your new interest.!

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