Some Assembly Required

To all who took the time to either give me a thumbs up or write a comment about my thoughts on restarting my blog, please accept my heartfelt thank you.  I truly appreciate your support and was touched by your positive messages.

Day 2 of 20 Minutes a Day:

I have worked for the past two days, one in Ojai and one here in Beverly Hills, rearranging rooms to accommodate new furniture bought at Restore, the retail outlet of Habitat for Humanity.  

Yesterday in Ojai, we installed a new (for us) 1970s-era kitchen cabinet to help keep us organized in our stand-alone kitchen in the orange grove. The cabinet is part of a set that includes a big open shelf as well, but until we expand the kitchen, which we hope to do in the next few months, we’ll just have to use the open shelf somewhere else. Liz, Ron and I moved the existing cabinets to their new locations in the kitchen so we had room for our new acquisition. After carefully placing it (we had 1/4” to spare), we then sorted through everything in the kitchen to determine if it was needed for day-to-day versus holiday operations. The holiday stuff was hauled over to longer-term storage and the day-to-day was grouped and placed according to its importance. We even organized the spices between savory and sweet so it would be easier to find them. We were all pretty proud of our labor.  Keeping a small kitchen organized when it serves up to 10 family members on a routine basis and 25-35 family and friends on holidays is not always the easiest task to accomplish.

The final result is shown in the photos below:

Today in Beverly Hills, Ray, Rachael and I completely rearranged our spare bedroom to include a mid-century shelving unit that will help us to house more of our eBay items. It took several hours to assemble the various components of the unit, but we finally got most everything into place. (We still have a few kinks to work out.) Still, we are all very pleased with the outcome even if it looks like it will be an Advil evening, what with all the contortions necessary to get everything screwed together.  

Here is a photo of the fruit of our labor:

Thank you, Liz, Ron, Ray, and Rachael, for all your hard work. These undertakings definitely required a group effort and everybody’s sense of humor helped a lot as well.

Sometimes, I feel as though one of my primary roles in life is cleaner/organizer. I will admit to getting some real pleasure when everything is where it should be. That is not all that easy when buying and selling antiques is part of everyday life. Sometimes there’s a lot more in-coming than out-going. But, over the past two days, we have definitely made some major inroads.

I am very happy.

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  1. Mary Jo Doig says:

    And I am happy for you. So rewarding to see the difference you’ve all made, isn’t it? I’m with you about re-organizing. I’ve come to believe that if there is a job description for women, that re-organizing, moving stuff in and moving it out again must be near the top, if it’s not in #1. Nice to share a bit of your life today, again, Len! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mary Jo. I look forward to seeing you in person at our conference in 2020. I miss you!

      1. Mary Jo Doig says:

        How could it be next year already, our conference? Yes, Len, I look forward, also: to giving you a hug and seeing your lovely smile and sharing more of your wisdom…

  2. Laurie Dyer says:

    Everything looks great! Organizing, like gardening, is a great way to re-focus our minds off of the chaos in the news and on to creating some order in our little corner of the world. Keep writing, Len!

    1. So very true, Laurie. That may be why Ray and I have been in a frenzy to organize since Trump came into the picture. A true coping mechanism! Thanks for that insight. And I will keep writing. I need conversations like this one.

  3. It’s so funny to think I live in a “midcentury” house with all it’s “midcentury” furnishings, some of which I bought new. Yep, I’m old. You did a great job.

  4. Ha! Well, it is true. Those of us who grew up in the middle of the last century are now officially part of the world of antiques and collectibles!

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